Beatrice Movies

Important Information

  Please read for important guest safety policies we have implemented at Beatrice Movies.


Your Responsibility

  • Sick? Experiencing symptoms? Please stay home. A refund can be provided if necessary
  • Prepare to social distance
  • Face masks encouraged except when eating or drinking

Our Responsibility

  • All employees undergo a wellness check prior to their shift, wear face masks, plus gloves when appropriate
  • Expect an increased frequency of cleaning, especially high-touch surfaces
  • Social distancing is encouraged
  • Plexiglas shields are located in the transactional areas
  • Touchless hand sanitizer, soap, and towel dispensers are available

Use Low-Contact Options for Tickets


  • Cinema One has Reserved seating which allows groups to sit together. Capacity is limited and there will be two empty seats between groups for proper social distancing
  • Cinema Two does not have the capability for reserved seating. However, capacity is limited, and we ask that you leave two seats between groups for proper social distancing
  • A methodical cleaning/disinfecting process will occur after every movie

Orderly Exit

  • Please exit in an orderly fashion, maintaining social distancing between groups
  • Avoid congregating in the lobby for everyone’s safety

Keep it Clean

  • Please dispose of all trash upon exiting the auditorium

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